We have picked the 10 winners of the Waveriders DVD competition.

The answer was of course Peniche, where the WCT Rip Curl Search will be held from Oct 19th - 30th 2009.

Winners are:

1. Tony Le Blanc, Tipperary, Ireland
2. Geraldine O'Neill, Dublin, Ireland
3. Garreth Stevenson, Cardif, Wales
4. Liz Bull, London, UK
5. Steve Ritson, Aberdeen, Scotland
6. Amy Sears, Norwich, UK
7. Jacob Christeansen, Malmo, Sweden
8. Paulo Margara, Italy
9. Sarah Dillon, Plymouth, UK
10. Clodagh Connolly, Waterford, Ireland

Thanks a lot for entering. To find out more about accommodation for the WCT in October log on and check both the Ericeira Surf Holidays and Peniche Surf Holidays pages for more info...

And don't forget that the Waverider DVD is available on-line and from all good surf stores or visit www.waveridersthefilm.com for more info