For those wondering where to surf in August there is no need to look any further because we have used our ‘Surf Trip Finder’ to select the best surf spots in August to visit. There are many locations that start to pump out high-quality surf for all levels of surfers in August, from mellow walls for the beginners to perfect barrelling waves that break over coral reefs for the more advanced surfers. We have categorised them into beginners, intermediates and advanced levels to help you find the best surf for your ability... 

Beginner Surfers - Europe  

Where: Surf Castle - Peniche, Portugal 
Beginner Surf Package: Surf & Stay Intense  - 7 Night stay with 10 surf lessons - $847/ £690 / €800
Best Wave:  Cantinho da Baia is excellent for beginners. It works on all tides and runs for 3kms so the line-up isn't crowded as there are so many take off spots.

Cantinho da Baía, Peniche

Beginner Surfers – Rest of the World  

Where: Sansara Surf & Yoga Resort
Beginners Surf Package: Surf, Eat, Sleep, Repeat Package -4 Night with 3 surf lessons - $1,592 /£1,303 / €1,512
Best Wave: Guanico. The Guanico Beach Break works on all tides and starts working at about a 1.5 foot swell and has numerous peaks from which to take off from.  


Intermediate Surfers – Europe  

Moby Dick Lodge Surf House - Sintra, Portugal 
Intermediate Surf Package: Surfweek - 7 Night stay with 5 surf lessons - $651 / £494 / €560
Best Wave: Guincho is a great spot for intermediate surfers. It is a spectular long beach with different peaks, perfect for learning and can get big and windy in the afternoon, so the morning is always the best bet here.


Intermediate Surfers – Rest of the World  

Where: Oasis Surf House Puerto Escondido -
Oaxaca, Mexico 
1 Week Surf Package: 7 Night stay (in private room) with 5 Surf Lessons - $474 / £362 / €410
Best Wave: Carrizalillo. This is a small bay with two great waves. The left is more suitable for beginners and the right is for intermediate surfers. This wave has big swells in the Summer.


Advanced Surfers – Europe  

Where: Easy Life -
Porto, Portugal
Advanced Package: Single Fin Premium Package - 7 Night Stay (private room) with 2 Surf sessions everyday - $2698 / £2059 / €2330
Best Wave: Guided tours to best secluded surf spots in Northern Portugal such as Moledo, Ancora and Afife - perfect waves for Advanced and other levels.


Advanced Surfers – Rest of the World  

Where: Nomads Hotel - San Clemente, USA 
Advanced Package: All Inclusive - 7 Nights (shared room) with 14 Surf Sessions -  $397 / £303 / €343
Best Wave: Trestles - one of the best surf breaks in the world!!