I catch up with Toby Millage of The Surf Experience in Lagos, to discuss what the surf is like in the Algarve and the mood now that Portugal is beginning to unlock from Covid-19 quarantine.
The Surf Experience is one of the first ever surf camps, launched back in 1992, Toby tells us all about it and what the new changes bought about by Covid-19 will mean for the camp 
Favourite Moments:
1.12: How did The Surf Experience first came about?
2.30: You guys have been operating there for an incredible 27 years, is this the biggest challenge you have experienced since opening?
4.28: What has the lockdown been like there? What has it been like surfing in the Algarve during the Covid 19 pandemic?
9.05: What’s the mood in Lagos like now? 
10.52: What are the big changes that you guys have to make say in the surf house, and then for surf lessons?
11.43: Why do guests have to come dressed as Star Wars characters?
13.34: What are your thoughts on how this has effected the surf camp and surf school industry?
17:42: What could someone who has never surfed before or a beginner surfer expect to get out of a week with you guys? 
18:20: What will a week be like for an Intermediate surfer?
20.52: End