Stripy tops, berets, The Eiffel Tower, frogs legs, croissants, cheap beers and heaving beach break waves, all things that come to mind when thinking of France, but it’s a video of the latter that will have you heading there for your surfing holidays.

The video shot by top end video producers Chokolatine at the start of May shows a solid ground swell pouring in to the famed beach of Landes, producing perfect over-head peaks for the strong European contingent to tear apart with a variety of deep barrels and carving turns.

France regularly produces world class waves with their ever changing sandbanks producing perfect a-frame peaks as well as the infamous shore-breaks as the tide comes up, providing non-stop fun for surfers.
Watch the video below to inspire you to go on one of our surfing holidays in France, and take advantage of the fantastic waves close to our surf camps, such as La Graviere, Capbreton, VVF, Biarritz and many other breaks. 

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Photo by: baptistehaugomat/Instagram