Finding the best destination to surf in November depends on your ability but also on any priority you have for sun over cold! November is really the start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the summer down in the Southern Hemisphere.

Many surf towns in Northern Europe such as Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland & the UK almost fully shut down from mid November. Weekends are still good but many shops and restaurants close during the week. For many surf houses November tends to be a time for 're-painting and fixing that leak'! The waves tend to be big and strong in Europe in November making it one of the best months for the more advanced surfer but not as beginner friendly. 

The Canary Islands of Fuerteventura and Tenerife are the best choices for surfing in November for most abilities, and the blue skies and sun will be beating down ion you in the water. Other November surf destinations such as the Canaries, Mexico, Morocco, Barbados, Costa Rica  & Indonesia are hard to beat if you are looking for ideas for where to surf in November, especially if you are craving a bit of heat.

As usual we have used our ‘Surf Trip Finder’ to find the best surfing in November...

Beginners Surfing in November - Europe


Wetsuit needed: 3/2mm 
Air temperature: 21 - 28°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5 
Best Wave: Flag beach, beautiful long stretch of white sand great for learning
Place to stay closest to the surf: Waveriders Surf Villa

Wave rider surf camp


Beginners Surfing in November - Europe

2. Vicentina Coast, Algarve, Portugal


Wetsuit needed: 4mm
Air temperature: 18 - 24°C
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4/5
Best Wave: Arrifana - Fun beach break that offers both lefts and rights. A good spot for learners in November as the surrounding cliffs offer shelter from the wind.
Place to stay closest to the surf: Arrifana Surf Camp


Beginners Surfing in November - Rest of the World

Wetsuit needed: 3/2mm 
Air temperature: 23 - 28°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 5/5 
Best Wave: Magic Bay. On its day Magic bay can break for 500 meters; from the harbor’s jetty all the way to shore. 
Place to stay closest to the surf: Sandycamps



Intermediate Surfing in November - Europe


Wetsuit needed: 3/2mm 
Air temperature: 21 - 28°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4/5 
Best Wave: Playa del Scorro - amazing setting surrounded by mountains and cliffs
Place to stay closest to the surf: Twin Fin Surf Camp


Intermediate Surf in November - Europe


Wetsuit needed: 4mm
Air temperature: 16 - 22°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 3/5 
Best Wave: Pescadores – Sheltered from the wind by the harbour wall, offers nice mellow waves in November
Place to stay closest to the surf: Amar Surf Camp. And get Bruno to organise a local guide for a day or two from €50


Intermediate Surfing in November - Rest of the World


Wetsuit needed: none!
Air temperature: 28 - 32°C 
Surf Trip Finder star rating: 4/5 
Best Wave: La Punta de Zicatela - an easy going left that can produce barrels as well as more mellow surf
Place to stay closest to the surf: Puerto Surf House