When I first heard that there were plans in the pipeline to remake Point break I was pretty disappointed. First of all, No Keanu Reeves? And I’m pretty sure poor Swayze is dead?

As a kid growing up in Ireland, Point Break was the only mainstream movie that could help me explain to the other grommets in the school what surfing was all about and what I got up to every afternoon after 4pm! Jumping out of planes, guns, sexy women and fifty years storms of course… Well, not really, but it did manage to capture the essence of surfing and as much as we hate to admit it, most of us have seen it more than a dozen times!

Point break was a cult movie in its time and it seems this new version is about to do the same. As Laird Hamilton put it, everything about it is just the next level up. The original Point Break set a standard at the time. And this is the new standard of our time.”

The creators of the new version have gone to great lengths to capture what extreme sports define the youth of today. It’s not just the surfing, which they filmed in huge Teahupoo with some of the world’s best. It’s the base jumping, the wing suits and the stuntmen who literally risked their lives to capture the essence of extreme sports in the world today. Can you imagine how many times it took to shoot that jump off the gorge to get the perfect shot?

So now the kids in school can explain to their mates what they do after 4pm as a surfer. Jump out of planes, surf huge Tahiti, wear wing suits and party till dawn of course…

Have a watch of the trailer and make up your own mind.

Point Break is scheduled for release in 3D and 2D in cinemas everywhere on December 25, 2015.

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