Anchor Point (alternative name: Anka Point)
Where: Taghazout, Central Morocco
When: Best September - March
Why: Beautiful long righthand pointbreak
Stats: Starts working 3 foot plus, and can hold up to approximately 18 foot

Location on the West coast of Africa:

When it comes to amazing African waves, Anchor Point near the surf town of Taghazout in Morocco definitely makes the grade. The legendary wave was first discovered by Aussie surfers back in the 60s, and has been attracting surfers ever since.

Photo by Saltshots 

What makes Anchor Point so renowned is its perfect lines of waves which wrap themselves around the point. The pointbreak itself has a sandy rock bottom, and provides very long rides lasting up to 500 metres on a good day if your thighs can handle it. Combine the beauty of the right hand pointbreak with the gorgeous African weather, and it's not surprising that so many surfers go there, especially during the winter months when northern Europe experiences what feels like a mini ice age.  

Taghazout Village

Anchor Point is about a 5 minute walk from Taghazout, so surfers often opt to stay in the town itself, especially as Anchor Point can actually link up with surf spots Hash Point and Panoramas on a big day. Outside of big swells it is a great intermediate spot and when it is firing big it's great to watch advanced surfers make the immense ride look effortless.

The wave is very consistent year round, but works best October through to May. Ideally Anchor Point works best on swells from the North West when they hit the sand and rock bottom creating near vertical take offs, perfect lines of waves, and ramps when surfers get to the sand bars built up on the rock reef below.

Here's a nice clip from Confital Surf showing what Anchor Point looks like from the shore and up close..