If you are looking for which are the 3 most famous waves in Europe, look no further as we have the answer... Ranging from the stunning Pyrenee Atlantique coastline of France, to the World Surf Reserve of Ericeira, take a look at these waves and you will see why they are just so famous:
  • La Graviere, Hossegor
Home to the world's elite surfers each September at the Quiksilver Pro, La Graviere in Hossegor, France is amazing.  It's name comes from the churning mass of gravel dragged up from the seabed when the Autumn swells push in, and light the beach up with its explosive power.
  • Supertubos, Peniche
If you're looking for a hollow train ride of a wave, then Supertubos in Peniche, Portugal is for you.  The infamous break wowed the surfing community back in 2009 when Rip Curl held its ‘The Search' contest, and simply blew everyone away... so much so that it's now a regular on the World ASP Championship Tour.
  • Coxos, Ericeira
Part of the World Surf Reserve, Coxos in Ericeira, Portugal is legendary for its extremely powerful righthand punch.  It only starts working at 5ft, and can handle up to around 16ft swells.  It's all about the timing with this wave, as it's a quick get in, ride for your life, and get out, before the rips and currents throw you against the rocks... perfect for the pros to show what they can do.