We had come up with a list of the TEN best presents you can give any one who is going away on a surf holiday this year. They are not in order - if they were number 10 would be first on the list obviously!!

1. Surf Videos
- Nice and inexpensive and always entertaining even if Keanu Reeves is in one of them!

2. Surf Camera
- Can hook on to your wrist and video yourself, or attached to the board

3. Waterproof watch -
Is he or she worth such a present!!!

4. Tshirts/boardshorts
- always a winner, careful with the bright colours though - they look cooler on the shelves!

5. Board Straps for your car -
Hands up who has arrived at an airport and forgot the straps for their board. Nightmare!

6. Surfboard sock or bag
- don't forget to check board size first ha ha

7. Rash vest/Booties/ Shortie - because a full wetsuit is asking to much!

8. Music - essential, unless you like Europop or Euro Radio (Hughey Lewis/Elton John/Phil Collins - no thanks!)

9. Surf Guides  - Always makes the surfing holiday more enjoyable and usually full of great pics

10. A Surf Holiday voucher - well we had to say that didn't we - ha ha!