Hindu Priest and Padang Padang cup winner Mega Semadhi is in a battle to save one of the top Bali surf spots from another multi-million pound hotel development.
It follows the report that the Kempinski hotel group built a seawall right through the middle of the world class right-hand reef break, Nikkos.

It is now coming to light that this was only the first stage of their plan, with them proposing the seawall be extended 137 metres into the ocean at a width and height of five metres by five metres.

“We have to stop it, they’re doing it (building) faster now. It’s scary and we need to act fast” he said. Before adding; “The project has not considered the environmental impact. All they’ve thought about is how to try to ‘preserve’ the sand in front of their hotel.”

The Balinese surfing community, foreigners and locals alike are preparing to defend the wave with Mega currently in talks with local leaders to organise protest action against the resort with Mega noticing that people on the island are starting to take notice, with him saying:

“Now more people are aware of the environment, which is good. The Benoa Reclamation made more villages aware of what’s on their territory. They’re gonna stop something if it’s wrong. It’s good more people are aware of that. At the same time, it’s a bit too late. But it could be worse.”

Watch the video below to see Mega Semadhi at one of his favourite Bali surf spots, Padang Padang and click here to do your part in saving Bali’s world-class surf spots.

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