Surfer and World Tour hopeful Federico Morais shows how he stays sharp and fit for QS events by taking advantage of his local knowledge and surfing in Portugal.

Reefs, slabs, point-breaks, wedges and perfect beaches for surfers of all abilities, Portugal is a fantastic place to head for a surf holiday, regardless if you’ve never hit the surf before!
Beautiful uncrowded beaches, cheap delicious local food and produce and unforgettable scenery make this a holiday destination that’s hard to forget once you have experienced it!

Federico Morais knows all too well the bounty that awaits when surfing in Portugal and recently described to a US surf magazine that Portugal was “like California with less people, better food, less plastic, less crowd and less fake. Also, Portugal is cheap, and, there’s no violence, danger or terrorism, and that’s probably the best thing ever. It’s a good place to say the least.”

Here at Surf Holidays we couldn’t agree more, which is why we have a fantastic selection of properties throughout Portugal as well as surf schools, so even if you’ve never been surfing before, our highly qualified selection of surf schools will have you covered when you’re surfing in Portugal.

Watch Federico below shred his way around Sintra, Peniche and Ericeira, showing you some of the waves you’ll be heading to on your surf trip.

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Photo by: Moby Dick Lodge Surf House