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Surfer's Den Ericeira

Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntarios 18, Ericeira, Portugal
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500 metres

The Surfer's Den is located in the very center of beautiful Ericeira. Starting from your arrival you are literally within walking distance from...everything!

Many beaches and surf spots are easily reachable by foot, and the Beach Bus shuttle stops next to our home to reach those farther away.
Restaurants, cafés, bars, night clubs are all nearby. And the supermarket, laundromat, ATMs, tons of stores of all kinds. The town's biggest skate park and the best yoga parlor are at a stone's throw from our home.

The Surfer's Den features an ample private outside area; we even have a small pool, BBQ area and a sun deck for everyone to enjoy!
The kitchen and the bathrooms are shared, and we have space to store your surfboard and wet to suit. With our shared dorm and private rooms we can meet all of our guests' accommodation needs!


Ericeira: 7 world class waves for the only World Surf Reserve (WSR) in Europe.
With more than 20 surfing spots in the radius of a few km, it is loved by surfers of all levels for the great consistency and quality of its waves throughout the year.

But Ericeira is not only surf: the town offers many options for the lovers of outdoor activities and wellness.
It is also the perfect base for excursions or daily trips, on the search for stunning natural sceneries and precious cultural sites.

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Number of people: 22
Parking (free)
WIFI (free)
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Surfboard hire
Surfboard Storage Area
Westuit storage area
Wetsuit hire
BBQ Facilities
Honesty Bar
Bicycle rental
Fitness Classes
Horseback riding
Mountain biking
Skateboard hire
Surf school

Additional Fees:

Tourist Tax: 2,20€ per person per night, up to 7 consecutive nights


Bath Towels are only included in the private rooms. A bath towel can be rented for 3€.
Twin Room with shared bathroom
Room Type: Private
Sleeps: 2

It's all fun and games until you have to share your sleeping space with a bunch of people.
I mean, they're awesome, but you still want some privacy. I feel you.
We have four nice private rooms so you can sleep butt to naked, just as you like it.
Just remember we have windows.

Single bed in mixed dorm
Room Type: Shared - Mixed
Sleeps: 6

This 6 to bed dorm is spacious enough so that you don't have to smell your neighbor's feet.
If you have a snorer in the room just ask us for ear plugs: we always have a stash in the reception, because we love you.
You get your own locker and, lo and behold, your own electric socket so that you can swipe Tinder till late without fear of running out of juice.

Single bed in 8-person mixed dorm
Room Type: Shared - Mixed
Sleeps: 8

This is our cheapest solution for your surf holiday, yet we made it as nice and comfy as possible.
The beds are not crammed on top of each other, you have space to move around and to put your stuff, and we clean the room everyday.
You get direct access to our sun deck, which is actually pretty great.
Please, don't pee in our pool, by the way. It's your pool too.

You can never get lost

When you book you will receive our confirmation email with full travel directions of how to get to us.

We don't provide airport transfers but you can book one easily here: Airport Transfers

  • - Nearest Airport: Lisbon
  • - Distance from Airport in kms: 35
  • - Time from Airport in a car: 40
  • - There is no train from the airport
  • - There is a bus from the airport

In the booking steps you can add surf lessons from any of our certified surf school partners below.

  • The surf school will either pick you up at your accommodation or meet you at the nearest beach as detail in their profile below.
  • The surf school will always contact you the day before to arrange the exact time of your lesson and meet up details.
  • Due to changing tides & conditions exact surf lesson times are not decided until the day before.
  • The full contact details of our surf school partners are included in your confirmation voucher
  • All our surf school partners are certified with their countries National Surfing Association
Tip: If you are staying for 7 nights we always recommend 5 days of surf lessons. Start the day after you arrive so you don't miss any good waves! You can choose your surf days in the checkout.

Looking for Surf Schools in Ericeira

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Foz do Lizandro

Level: All Levels

Most of the time this break is a forgiving beach break that is perfectly suitable for beginners and intermediates, although a good enough swell can create powerful tubes breaking to the left. More generally, there are multiple peaks with both lefts and rights, so it’s the kind of wave where you’ll surely find something that pleases you. It is very consistent surf spot with sand bottom. All the way to the right, a nice right to hander breaks near to the shallow reef, more suitable for intermediate surfers.


Level: All Levels

Matadouro is located in front of the skate park, in the northern part of Ericeira, 10 minutes walk from our surfhouse. It consists of multiple peaks, both with sand and reef bottom. The main break is a right hander on the north side of the bay, that can be become challenging with bigger swells. More to the south a secondary peak breaks both to the left and the right.

Ribeira d'Ilhas

Level: All Levels

Ribeira D’Ilhas is a famous and long right reef break (some describe it as the "Bell's Beach of Portugal"). It is also the break where many contests are held. The wave consists of different sections and is suitable for both beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. It’s one of the most consistent summer spots, holding 0.5 to 3.5 metres swell, although it is during september to december that gives its best.

Pedra Branca - Backdoor - Reef

Level: Advanced

In the same bay, reachable in 15 minutes by foot from our surfhouse, you can find three world class waves, suggested to more experienced surfers: Pedra Branca, Backdoor and Reef.

Pedra Branca is a nice fast left, breaking over a flat reef. This wave is characterised by an area of rapid starts, followed by a barrel to the inside. Not recommended at low tide.

Moving north of Pedra Branca you can find Backdoor, a right reef break with sections that can produce nice barrels. Watch out with low tide as it is quite shallow.

Finally, Reef: as the name suggests, this wave breaks over a shallow flat reef. It produces powerful and fast rights with awesome tubes if the conditions are right. It can be magical, but can leave wounds (very shallow, less than 1m) both on boards and bones!

Coxos - Crazy Left

Level: Advanced

Coxos is one of the best waves in Portugal and in Europe.
This powerful right point/reef break is famous for its amazing barrels and only accessible to experienced surfers. It works best with mid to low tide, but be aware of the sea urchins and the tricky entry/exit. It can handle very big waves, and it's the favorite spot of many old time locals, who will not tolerate disrespectful behaviors in the water.

On the south side of the Bay of Coxos you will find Crazy Left, one of the few left handers in Ericeira. It is a fast and hollow wave breaking over a rock bed with good tubes if the conditions are right. Again, this wave is suitable only for experienced surfers.

São Julião

Level: All Levels

Sao Juliao is a big sandy beach that is located south of Ericeira where most of our surf classes are held. It is an exposed beach break with multiple peaks, both left and right. It is a swell magnet and therefore very consistent, even in summer. It works with swells in all directions and with all tides. When the sand is aligned properly, it can provide some really good waves for both beginners and more experienced surfers. If you don’t mind to walk away from the main peak, you can have some very good waves all for yourself.


Level: Advanced

Cave, just north of Ribeira d'Ilhas, is famous for its hollow spitting barrels. It’s the heaviest wave in Ericeira and very dangerous because it breaks in front of a rock. This right reef break is only accessible for experienced surfers/professionals (you can find videos of Mr. Slater himself surfing here)!

Praia do Sul - Furnas

Level: All Levels

The beautiful beach of Praia do Sul is located just south of Ericeira. It only works properly when the swells are bigger. The break can be divided into two different waves. The first is a right point/reef break that is only suitable for experienced surfers. The second is a mixed (sand and reef) break that is also suitable for less experienced surfers with smaller swells.

In the same bay you can find Furnas, right in front of the Vila Galé hotel. The wave only works with very big swells, and it is recommended for experienced surfers only as it is a hard and dangerous wave, close to the rocks. It can produce good tubes and thick lips.

São Lourenço

Level: Intermediate

São Lourenço is located north of Coxos beach, about 6 km from Ericeira. It’s a nice sandy beach with multiple peaks. The most consistent one is a powerful right point/reef break with different sections on the right side of the beach. When large swells hit, it can be a very heavy wave that is considered one of Portugal’s best. On the inside you find a mellow wave that is also suitable for less experienced surfers when the conditions are right. This break needs a bit of swell before it starts working properly, but it can hold a big swell.

Praia dos Pescadores

Level: All Levels

In the very center of Ericeira, about 10 minutes walk from our surfhouse, the Fishermen's Bay is our great resort for surfing when huge swells hit our coasts. It is a nice, mellow left hander that reforms on the inside of the bay when massive right handers break on the outside of the pier. Don't be fooled: it may look easy, but the current can be quite strong and it's important to keep on the inside of the bay not to get hit directly by the swell.

Praia do Norte

Level: Intermediate

Praia do Norte, also called Praia do Algodio, is located just in front of our surf to house, reachable by foot in 5 minutes. It is a point/reef break that can produce long rights with good sections. It only works properly with bigger swells, this is why it is suggested for intermediate and experienced surfers.

Surf conditions in Ericeira:


Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JAN for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon FEB for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon MAR for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon APR for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon MAY for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JUN for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JUL for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon AUG for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon SEP for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon OCT for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon NOV for BEG level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon DEC for BEG level


Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JAN for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon FEB for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon MAR for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon APR for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon MAY for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JUN for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JUL for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon AUG for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon SEP for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon OCT for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon NOV for INT level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon DEC for INT level


Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JAN for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon FEB for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon MAR for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon APR for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon MAY for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JUN for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon JUL for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon AUG for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon SEP for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon OCT for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon NOV for ADV level
Surf Conditions in Ericeiraon DEC for ADV level









Air Temp (°C)














Best time to go depends on your level above. July, August & September are the peak tourist months.

This is where you surf Europe's best coast line and let the fun begin.There are over 12 surf breaks along the Ericeira coast, with different options for all standards. With so much choice you'll feel like a kid in a sweet shop! The area was introduced in the Stormriders Surf Guide to Europe with the heading "Enter the Heartland".

World Surf Reserve
In 2011 it was awarded the title of 'World Surf Reserve', there are only 2 other places in the world that share the title: Santa Cruz, US and Manly, Australia.

If it is your first surfing holiday to Ericeira then head straight to Foz do Lizandro and Sao Juliao beaches south of town, they are perfect beginner and intermediate surf spots. Closer to town is Praia do Sul. Another great beginner beach breaks. All best at mid tide but surfable at high and low tide also.

For Intermediates you have the reliable and safe reef break Ribeira d'Ilhas, which host the WSL World qualifying series surf championships every year. And for the more adventurous you have the world class Coxos. That's just naming a few, there are too many surf breaks to mention here!

Don't forget to explore further up the coast - 25 minutes away is Santa Cruz and an hour away is Peniche, home to the World renowned Supertubos and host of the Rip Curl Pro since 2009. 30 minutes south of Lisbon is the Cascais coast with the famous Praia do Guincho surf beach. And when north winds are blowing you can venture further south towards Carcevelos beach and the other surf spots along the Lisbon coast.

Come Surf Ericeira with us…


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  • Your balance is due to the property 20 days before arrival. The Property will contact you to collect payment. If you book within this 20 days then the property will contact you shortly after you book to collect the balance.


  • To cancel go to the MyAccount section and log in or register and you can cancel from within your account.
  • Your deposit is non refundable but can be used for the same property/surf school within one year of your original booking.
  • You can cancels anytime up to 7 days before travelling and you be refunded the balance.

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